Ask Judy O.: Did we buy the right house?

Dear Judy O.:  Can you take us off your mailing list for new listings?  It’s funny, my husband and I both find that our blood pressure rises a bit when we see them. His because he’s so happy in this house and doesn’t want to relive the house hunting experience… and mine because, happy though I am here, I live in fear that something in our former neighborhood is going to come up.

That said, we do absolutely love our new place. And we feel like we got a great deal. The house two doors down that was just ‘flipped’ (smaller and with some rather boring choices) is now in escrow and the seller told us he had two offers that were 50k more than our house!

Answer: Yes, of course I’ll take you off our mailing list.  I fully understand.  I hope you aren’t harboring regrets about the house you wrote an offer on and didn’t get.  In the larger picture, you made the better choice… and in the long run I sense you’ll fully embrace the move to your new neighborhood, because it’s so wonderful there.  Additionally, when the home down the street closes escrow you will have increased the ‘equity’ in your own property by $50K – with only a few short months of ownership. Pretty awesome in my book!

What Should I Do With My Unused Building Supplies?

What Should I Do With My Unused Building Supplies?

Today, my partner Judy Oroshnik and I were out looking at property when she informed me she had to go home for a few minutes.  We had to go meet a delivery guy (actually he was picking up) from ReStore, which is the San Gabriel Valley HABITAT FOR HUMANITY store.

Judy had done a renovation to her property a couple of years ago and had a bunch of boxes of ceramic and travertine tile lying around… taking up space in her basement.  She decided rather than have these items sit and accumulate dust, she would find somebody who could put it to use. (She actually asked me if I wanted it first, but I knew it would end up collecting dust in my place, too, so I declined).  After searching around on the internet, she landed on the Habitat for Humanity site and discovered that they love getting this kind of material, and do pick-ups as well. Sounds like ‘win-win’ to me.

The driver showed up as planned, and carried out the ten boxes of tile.  In the back of his truck I saw other items people had donated:  a stove, a refrigerator, some lumber, some light fixtures.  There were some other things in boxes, I don’t know what.

For those of you who don’t know this group, briefly – they build housing for people who can’t otherwise afford it, or who have had a devastating event wipe out their housing (like the earthquake in Haiti and now Japan).  They sell the items donated or they use them in their projects.  For more information, here’s the link once again.  ReStore.  You can get more information at the link – like where the local stores are located and what the organization does in detail.

Please contact me, or Judy Oroshnik if you’d like to know any more about us.  Or visit our website Dean Decent 213 202 5700