About Me

Working with realistic Sellers and Buyers is my specialty!

The Real Estate market is constantly changing. Sometimes it is a buyers’ market, other times it is a sellers’ market.  Regardless of market conditions, selling or buying a home has many moving parts.  Although they are not complex individually, they can be decidedly overwhelming when they are all happening at the same time.

My job as a seller’s agent is to calmly guide you in making grounded decisions that will get you the best price and terms within the current set of market conditions.

When working with buyers, I can help discern the assets and liabilities of any particular property and then position you to become the successful buyer – even when faced with the inevitable multiple offer situation.

Selling homes for more than 25 years has provided me with a deep well of negotiating experience, solid relationships within the brokerage community and ultimately great success for my clients.

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