Ask Judy O.: Why should I stage my home when I sell it?

Hello Judy O.: When I put my house on the market, is really necessary for me to stage my home and what is staging exactly?

Answer:  This is one of my favorite topics to discuss, because it has several correct answers. As a general rule, ALL houses need some staging. Staging is a way to maximize the presentation of your home to reach the greatest pool of buyers and should be the goal of every seller. It gives buyers a sense of the possibilities–how the rooms could function as well as a sense of scale.  For instance, what might be an awkward vestibule or tiny bedroom could be re-envisioned as a compact guest bedroom, reading room or home office through staging. Most buyers want to be seduced into their purchase and have the reasons to justify their investment. A well-staged home is the best tool for overcoming buyer uncertainties.

Staging can be simply de-cluttering, doing some paint touch-up and furniture rearrangement or as full-blown as investing in the services of a professional stager. These decisions are predicated both on budget and an honest assessment of the condition of the house itself and your furnishings.  In the case of merely using your own furnishings, it becomes a matter of judicious editing, and often I can help with this.   You can find a great example of a home staged with the sellers own furnishings on our “sold” listing at 11580 Cerro Gordo.  In my professional opinion, it is always better to stage your home. You will inevitably recoup the costs of such an enterprise. When measured against a price reduction of $25,000-$50,000 because  the house is not selling due to not showing well, the cost of staging is money in your pocket.

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