Ask Judy O.: Does it matter what season we sell our house?

Dear Judy O.: We are contemplating downsizing and selling our home.  Does it really matter what season we sell in?

Answer:  Traditionally, springtime has always been the busiest and best time to sell your home.  Most families with school age children want to be situated before the beginning of the school year and therefore focus on the house hunting process after tax season and before the summer vacation months.   This is the time when inventory is the highest.  With that said, sometimes it’s it can be a good strategy to market your house in slower months (January-February or September-November) because there may not be much inventory in your price point or location, creating  increased interest in your property.  Here in California where the profile of the buyer is so diverse and the inventory for good homes never quite meeting demand, the best time to sell is always going to be when it is best for you.

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